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 Connect with Your Favorite Communities 

Hang out with people who share your interests. Make new friends. Celebrate what you love.

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Join professional live networking events with business owners & meet friends for virtual game nights, tailgates, meet-ups, learn about other business opportunities & more. Then host your own Networking Event!

 Explore New Worlds 

Discover the thousands of user-created virtual experiences VREvENT has to offer.

 Engage Your Fans 

Meet fans from all over the world in your own custom streaming room. Host watch parties, meet-and-greets, and more.

 Shop & Sell Virtual Merch 

Earn from what you create with our VR Retail Store.

 Unleash Your Creativity 

Express yourself with your own custom avatar. Create spaces you love. The sky’s the limit.

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Oculus Go

State-of-the-art Virtual Reality Experience!

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PC-Powered VR

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All-in-One Headset. No PC or wires required.

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